Stories of a love so rare!

An ode to love that moves you

Varun and Harmit

Varun and Harmit’s whirlwind romance is one that spanned continents. From their first encounter in Goa, to a long-distance relationship half a world away, to a grand wedding in Jaipur, theirs is a love story of epic proportions.

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For a love that soars the skies!

Chanu and Digvijay

A union between two ambitious pilots is no mean feat, making it all the more challenging to push past all odds, full throttle! Chanu and Digvijay’s credit each other’s unconditional support as the fuel that makes their relationship fly high!

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Platinum – Metal of the Stars, for the Stars

Borne of the stars that once among the galaxies swirled,A gift truly out of this world.Pure, eternal and rare,A celestial metal beyond compare! 2 billion years ago, a cosmic collision brought to Earth platinum, a piece of heaven with incomparable qualities of strength, purity, and density.

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Distance made our hearts fonder

Hiral and Anuj

As the lockdown was announced, post thorough contemplation, Anuj decided to fly down to his family in India for a few days. This was the first time we were experiencing a ‘long distance relationship’.

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Partners through thick and thin

Riddhi and Sammir

“He was from a business background while my forte was designing which meant there was a lot we didn’t agree upon. However, since the onset of lockdown, things changed quite a lot for us.

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