Metal of the Stars, for the Stars

Borne of the stars that once among the galaxies swirled,
A gift truly out of this world.
Pure, eternal and rare,
A celestial metal beyond compare!

2 billion years ago, a cosmic collision brought to Earth platinum, a piece of heaven with incomparable qualities of strength, purity, and density. Owing to these rare qualities, Platinum came to be known as the “only metal fit for kings,” as declared by King Louis XVI.

Guaranteeing an extremely secure hold on gemstones, making it last for centuries; Platinum became the metal of choice for Royal Heirloom pieces the world over. The Splendour of India’s Royal Courts’ exhibition in London during 2009 showcased a platinum, diamond, ruby and topaz Cartier necklace dating back to 1928.

In 1925, Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala asked Cartier to reset some of his jewels. This remains the biggest commission the Parisian firm has ever received from a single client.

Throughout the history of world cinema, platinum’s secure hold and ability to complement diamonds and other gemstones have been reflected in several famous pieces. Such as Grace Kelly’s 10.48 emerald-cut centre diamond platinum engagement ring in High Society and actress Carey Mulligan’s cushion-cut halo engagement ring in The Great Gatsby.

Off-screen, Platinum jewellery takes centre-stage at red carpet events with celebrities like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicole Kidman donning exquisite designs in platinum. Actress Elizabeth Taylor’s favorite pair of earrings have solitaires studded in platinum; a gift from her husband Mike Todd.

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