For a love that soars the skies!

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A union between two ambitious pilots is no mean feat, making it all the more challenging to push past all odds, full throttle! Chanu and Digvijay’s credit each other’s unconditional support as the fuel that makes their relationship fly high!

Chanu tells of Digvijay, “After graduating from flying school, in the four and a half years it took me to find a job, I’d lost faith in myself. But Digvijay never gave up on me and told me ‘You should be up in the sky pursuing your dreams, Chanu. Don’t let anything get you down.’ And to date, he remains my biggest motivator whenever I hit a hurdle.”

Digvijay, in turn, shares, “I started my aviation career after Chanu. The decision came with many daunting tests but she was with me through it all. I think what works for us is that we understand the struggles of our profession and don’t shy away from giving each other a helping hand.”

Despite their similar professions, the two have very different ways of unwinding – while Chanu enjoys socialising and heading out, Digvijay prefers spending time at home to relax. However, these differences don’t get in the way since the two understand that spending time with each other is what counts. It is this understanding & communicating with one another that makes their love soars the skies, it is what makes their love rare.

To mark their rare love, they chose Platinum Love Bands crafted in a metal that’s just as rare.

Chanu and Digvijay

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