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Varun and Harmit’s whirlwind romance is one that spanned continents. From their first encounter in Goa, to a long-distance relationship half a world away, to a grand wedding in Jaipur, theirs is a love story of epic proportions.

Harmit recounts, “9 months into our relationship, Varun took the momentous step to get transferred from Sydney to his San Francisco headquarters. His courage in moving halfway across the world to build a future with me showed me that I was with the right person. He was willing to make a change himself, in a world where even today only women are invariably expected to compromise, and that showed me that our relationship was one of true equality.”

As high-achieving professionals, they understand how important it is for both partners to support each other’s career goals. Varun reflects, “Any struggles of work-life balance automatically disappear when you have a partner who anticipates and supports your decisions, & this understanding extends both ways. Harmit and I understand all the expectations that come with our respective jobs, and never let that undermine our bond. Being so grounded and secure in our relationship really strengthens our outlook towards handling everything else, because we know we can always rely on each other for any help we might need.”

Knowing that it’s rare to find a love marked by true equality and unconditional support, Harmit & Varun chose to mark it with Platinum Love Bands – crafted in a metal that’s just as rare.

Varun and Harmit

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