A love that makes you commit
to each other, every day

When equality is not a destination, but the very foundation. When you know, no matter what, there’s always someone rooting for you. When difficult conversations are not dead ends but milestones.

When you get that feeling in your heart, you know you’ve found a love so rare.

#CommitToLove, a love so rare, with Season’s Collection of Platinum Love Bands, crafted with intricate designs symbolising the strength, mutual respect and commitment to each other that are the pillars of your love.

Platinum Love Bands
For when you #CommitToLove

Repeating grooves mark your promise to always pick each other up, no matter how many times you fall while trying to fly.

Rising lines in dual tones mirror your journey together, always moving towards a better horizon.

Matching latticework symbolises your commitment to achieve all that you set your eyes on together.

Finding your rare love wasn’t easy. But finding the perfect symbol for it, is.

Visit our authorised stores where each platinum love band comes with a Pt950 Mark of Authenticity.

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