Our engagement.
That moment, when we know
It’s not you and me,
it’s us now.

The Engagement Edition

Your engagement – the moment you go from ‘you and me’ to ‘we’. The moment you realize that your dreams, are now theirs too, and you vow to chase them together. This is the moment you know, what you share is rare.

And for a love so rare, only something just as extraordinary & rare will do. #CommitToLove with Platinum Love Bands – The Engagement Edition

Platinum Love Bands
For when you #CommitToLove

With a promise to get past the highs and lows of life as one, we #CommitToLove

When you have each other’s backs with a promise to never back down, you #CommitToLove

When you’ve found that come what may, they’re here to stay, you#CommitToLove

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Finding your rare love wasn’t easy. But finding the perfect symbol for it, is.

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