When Aashna met Ashutosh

September 29, 2020

Polar opposites, college sweethearts and soon-to-be-married.

There’s something incredibly exciting about an ‘opposites attract’ love story. You know the type – he’s an introvert, she’s a social butterfly, he likes adventure outdoors, she prefers the cinema, she’s impulsive, he overthinks everything… and yet, in the push-pull of their personalities, they find the perfect balance! That’s Aashna and Ashutosh for you – Polar opposites, college sweethearts and soon to be married.

“It was a typical friend-to-best friend-to-boyfriend journey for us,” Aashna says, “We met in the Jai Hind college canteen in the 11th grade in 2009. What caught my eye was the effort he’d put into dressing up. We bonded over a common love for dance, ice-tea, Bollywood… He ordered one ice tea and offered me a few sips while we chatted. We eventually became dance partners at the college fest.”

Over the next ten years, from being each other’s 3 A.M friend to now getting married, their relationship evolved as the couple learned and appreciated their differences. Ashutosh takes his turn and shares, “It somehow fascinates me how much you can learn from someone so different from you. From excelling at work and taking time for her gym classes to meeting me and our friends all on the same day, this wonder woman’s balancing skills are unimaginable. That is the level of productivity I wish to achieve in my life one day.” Aashna giggles and picks up the conversation, “I think one of the most important things that made our relationship strong over the years is the fact that we communicate everything that we feel. I have always admired his calm approach towards things and the positivity he brings into my life.”

In February this year, Ashutosh decided to pop the question. Aashna says, her eyes lighting up as she remembers, “For months he had been planning the cutest, surprise proposal that everyone had kept from me with utter brilliance. He even arranged a secret meeting for our parents in January to bring them up to speed.” Ashutosh blushingly shares, “I have to admit; I was nervous. Everything I had rehearsed in my head for months was gone. I just got down on one knee and asked her if she’d make me the happiest man on Earth by being my wife and I saw her getting a little teary-eyed.” What made the proposal so special was that Ashutosh, in spite of being a very awkward person when it comes to expressing his love for Aashna publicly, really went out of his way to surprise her. He flawlessly pulled off the perfect dream proposal; perfect decor, outfit, and jewellery. Aashna adds to it, “The sweetest bit was, he got me the very same ring I had tagged him on in an Instagram page years ago. If we could do it all again, we wouldn’t change a single detail.”

The bride-to-be says, “It’s been ten years now, but the most beautiful part of this relationship is that he’s still always looking out for me. Nothing feels different from the first day we met; I still get butterflies on our dates or trips together, and he still will always dress to impress!” The best part about their relationship is that there is absolutely nothing either of them is unaware of. Aashna shares, “We have a different bond, one that no one could probably understand. We know exactly how the other feels without even having to express it.” Ashutosh tearing up by going down memory lane adds, “I feel extremely fortunate to have her by my side. I know I have found a friend for a lifetime in her. How often does that really happen?

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Aashna and Ashutosh’s story gave us all the feels and we wish them all the love, luck and happiness as they start their new lives.


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